Weddings at St. Paul’s Church

We are very glad that you are considering having your wedding at St. Paul’s Church.  There is no better place to begin your marriage than in the rich tradition and theology of the Episcopal Church! 

The fee for having your wedding at St. Paul’s Church is $1500.00.  If you wish to use the Parish Hall for your reception, the total cost for both is $2000.00.
For members of St. Paul’s Church, the fee for using the church is $750.00 and use of the Parish Hall is an additional $200.00.  
The cost of music must be worked out separately with your musicians (see “Music” section below).

Pre-marriage Counseling:
Because marriage is taken very seriously in the Episcopal Church, couples getting married are required to undergo a minimum of 4 sessions of pre-marriage counseling with a priest or other official of the church, or with a professional counselor.  The meetings can be done via Zoom.

The Wedding Ceremony:
To see the traditional Episcopal wedding service, please go to the Book of Common Prayer, Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage on p. 422 and An Order for Marriage on p. 435.  (An online version is available at  To see alternate services, please visit the website of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California and look at the section entitled “Marriage in the Episcopal Church” (  You will plan the specific details of your ceremony, such as readings and music, with the clergy person officiating.

If you wish to employ the Director of Music at St. Paul’s Church to play the organ or piano for your service, his fee is $350.  If you bring in another organist, you will be charged a “bench-fee” of $100.